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Happy Necklaces

Updated: Apr 15

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to talk about my Happy Necklaces. I love making them. They are friendship bracelets in necklace form. I remember making these in the 90’s. The difference between mine and all the others is I make them with YOU in mind. All the necklaces are handmade by me. I usually have a design in mind. When I start looking at the order, I customize the necklace based on that. You have the option on the website to customize it. Have a favorite color? Name? Phrase? I take that info and make it exclusively just for you! But- I also offer a free necklace when you spend $75. That’s when I get to be creative. I will either give you a happy original, or whatever holiday is current, or see what you ordered and match to that. Either way I’m making a Happy Necklace Just For You. It’s designed exclusively for you and wrapped in a bow:)

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